Our River Runs

Kickapoo Adventures offers convenient tube rentals and shuttles to the Middle Fork River for scenic tubing trips. Enjoy the scenic river woods, shale bluffs, and wildlife as you take a relaxing boat down the river. Frequent sandbars allow plenty of options to stop, stretch out and explore.

We use quality tubes for your tubing comfort and offer ongoing shuttle times for greater convenience. Reservations are suggested to help make your check-in as quick as possible and to ensure a spot on the busiest days.

We offer three trips, Sportsman Classic, Pond 6 Trail, and the Combo Float.


Sportsman Classic

Our time tested favorite. Float down from the Sportsman Lake entrance to the landing, a 1 1/2 mile float typically lasting over one hour. The trip includes an intermittent mix of calm, lazy sections and fast moving ruffles/rapids, including the Middle Fork’s best stretch. Pass through deep shale cuts, high bluffs and forested banks that take your thoughts far away from the everyday.

Pond 6 Trail

Our customers asked for more floating options; we responded. This 1 1/2 mile float starts where Sportsman Classic ends. It begins with a series of winding, fast moving sections, then settles into a series of long, lazy sections occasionally interrupted by faster riffles that shoot you downstream. While not as remote as Sportsman (it passes under I-74), this trip is designated tubing only, making it definitely ‘chill’.

Combo Float

Our longest tubing trip. The Combo Float is the combination of Sportsman Classic and Pond 6. Enjoy several hours with a relaxing float down the 3 mile trip on the Middlefork River.

Tubing-Last Run


Combo – 1 pm

Sportsman – 2 pm


Combo – 1:30 pm

Sportsman – 2:30 pm