Looking for an adrenaline-pumping adventure? Then head over to Kickapoo Adventures and inquire about rentals and guided rides through the park’s acclaimed trails. Your heart will race as you maneuver inches from tree trunks through tight turns, all while the downhill gravity coaxes you to test the limits of control. See if you can reach the peaks on the uphill climbs; the roots, bumps, and turns won’t make it easy. Go for the adventure, go for the accomplishment, either way, you will leave with the satisfaction of doing something unique.


Kickapoo State Park is a trail riding destination. This is one of the few state parks that allow and encourage trail riding on the marked trails. The Kickapoo Mountain Bike Club has created multiple trail loops with variable terrain: smooth singletrack, rutted and steep climbs, steep ravine drop-offs, and easy fire roads. The trails at Kickapoo have earned wide acclaim for their tight turns through forested trails, and rutted sections to keep even the experienced cyclist riveted.


This trail system is directional, with a generally counterclockwise flow beginning at the trailhead. It is hard-packed singletrack with a mixture of log jumps, dips, intense climbs, and fast-flowing sections. There are downhills that offer the chance to get up some speed and switchbacks that are technical enough for just about any rider. You’ll also find a couple of shallow water crossings. There are about 12 miles of trails to make it worth the drive. Plenty of connections/bailouts are available to change up the order of trails and make a full day of riding.


Kickapoo Adventures provides mountain bike rentals for the day or half-day. We also hold guided trips consisting of the bike and gear rental, instructor, and tour guide; a great way to experience the thrill of mountain biking while learning the important techniques and tips to enhance your experience and safely test your capabilities. Kickapoo also rents basic bicycles, perfect for the roads around the park and area. Enjoy a casual ride exploring the park and the area’s roads. Multi-day rentals are also available; a great option for campers.

Kickapoo Mountain Bike Club

Kickapoo Adventures is affiliated with Kickapoo Mountain Bike Club. Please visit their website for maps, events, and information on joining.